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Primary Song Review Activity

Here is a EASY fun way to review the words to a song.  We had been working on “If the Savior Stood Beside Me”.  Not familiar?  You can listen below : Junior Primary knew verse 1 no problem  but verse … Continue reading

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2012 Mothers Day Gift for the Grandmas

It’s time to reveal what has become our annual Mother’s Day gift for the Grandmas! (Click HERE to see last years)  This year we put a new spin on it and used our footprints instead of our handprints.  The other … Continue reading

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Cinco De Mayo Recap

Saturday was Cinco De Mayo did you celebrate? (yes this is a test to see if my brother really checks this blog.  Please don’t rat me out) 🙂 We had a crazy Saturday but managed to squeeze in a little … Continue reading

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Stocking Update!

There was so much going on the end  of April I didn’t have a chance to post this sooner! I promise though the picture was taken on April 30th! 🙂  Here is where I was in March: This is April: … Continue reading

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Velcro, signs and Mother’s Day

In preparation for Mother’s Day about 2 weeks ago we pick the song for the Primary to sing.  We chose “My Mother Dear” on page 203.  You can listen to it HERE.  It wasn’t one I had heard before but … Continue reading

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May Day cookies!

Did you celebrate?  Maybe leave someone a special treat to make their day? I think for Woody the highlight was knocking on someones door and RUNNING away! His smile as he ran back to the car was worth everything! I … Continue reading

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