Primary Song Review Activity

Here is a EASY fun way to review the words to a song.  We had been working on “If the Savior Stood Beside Me”.  Not familiar?  You can listen below :

Junior Primary knew verse 1 no problem  but verse 2 we were a bit shaky on.   So I decided to play DOOR #1 or DOOR #2.  (This is the link the site where I got the idea)

Since it was Junior Primary I went with pictures instead of words.  The idea is simple I chose words from each phrase I wanted the kids to focus on.  Next I found a corresponding picture and a picture of something that didn’t fit.   After that I covered both pictures up with a large post-it note.

In Primary it went like this : For the line “If the Savior stood beside me” I would say to the kids “If the Blank stood beside me”  then a child could come up and choose either door # 1 or door #2.  They would then decide if they liked that choice or not.  If they did we would sing it.  If they didn’t they checked the opposite door from what they chose.  In Junior this worked out without any issues of kids wanting to sing the wrong words. Each time we would sing as much of the song as we had uncovered.

Consequently if anyone is interested in the pictures that I picked to go along with the 2nd verse of If the Savior Stood Beside Me you can leave me a comment and I will send them on their way.

Hope you have a Fabulous Friday!!

Did you know . . . Only 7 more days until Fabulous Fridays Begin!!!!  (14 actually on the blog since I post them a week behind!) 🙂

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