Velcro, signs and Mother’s Day

In preparation for Mother’s Day about 2 weeks ago we pick the song for the Primary to sing.  We chose “My Mother Dear” on page 203.  You can listen to it HERE.  It wasn’t one I had heard before but it has really grown on me the last few weeks.

I found fun clipart on the internet to go along with the song.  Then I printed it off ,  colored and laminated them.

Now the fun part I got smarter!  This is how I used to use the paint sticks:

Yup LOTS of tape.  This was taking up too much tape and too many paint sticks!

2 weeks ago a light bulb turned on and I realized why not use velcro.  Then I only need a handful of paint sticks and can switch out my pictures and reuse them lots easier!

So now my sticks look like this:

They work fantastically!

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2 Responses to Velcro, signs and Mother’s Day

  1. Sarah says:

    Ha! That is exactly the same song we are singing for Mother’s Day this year. I hadn’t heard it before, either, but was looking for a different song to try. I thought the words were simple and sweet. I had the kids play Pictionary on the board–drawing a picture for each key word. They had a good time with that.

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