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Argh Mateys !

We be havin’ a Swashbucklin time around these parts! We pretty much checked out every Pirate book in the library and had a terrific time! We learned from Pirate Pete that ye must talk like a Pirate to be a … Continue reading

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Pioneer FHE

Admittedly this post comes after most people will have already had their Pioneer Family Home Evening.  But hey there’s always next year right? The munchkins had a blast with this and learned something too (always nice right?) First up I … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pavlova

When this recipe was featured in my Kraft foods email I knew I had to try it out once our raspberries were on! A Pavlova we discovered is a pastry that is crunchy on the outside with a marshmallow inside.  … Continue reading

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Starrific Time!

For Fabulous Friday last week we kept it short and sweet.  (Knowing next week would be BIG!) We read this book:   Purplicious got to have her piggies painted complete with little stars! Woody made us a treat ~ chocolate … Continue reading

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Short post today. I am feeling swamped with a new calling in church. A big activity I planned this week for the munchkins (prior to knowing the curve ball church was going to send my way) and life in general. … Continue reading

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Something to tweet about!

My cute niece had a birthday this week!  I love that it gave me an excuse to head down to the sewing machine to make something fun.  I used my standard apron pattern (you can read about it here) with … Continue reading

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Fabulous Friday ~ Dinosaur Edition!

To be honest our Dinosaur adventures have lasted a few days but it has been a blast! Here is one of the books we enjoyed reading this week: We started the day off with our dino-riffic lunch.  First up dinosaur … Continue reading

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