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Catch up!

Wow that was a bit longer of a break than I was expecting to take!  Life got busy and I kept choosing sleep over new posts. 😉 Here is a quick valentine update. I learned a new trick on my … Continue reading

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Big ball of timey whimey stuff . . .

“People assume that time is a linear progression of cause to effect but actually it’s more like a big fall of whibbley wabbley timey whimey stuff.” – The 10th Doctor If that meant anything to you I am betting you … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year

Did you have a great Chinese New Year yesterday?  We celebrated in a fairly impromptu style.  I had a chicken teryiaki recipe I was anxious to try out and Sunday seemed the perfect day since we wouldn’t be able to … Continue reading

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Meatloaf made easy

I was excited a couple of weeks ago to find the meat I like $1 a pound off!  So I picked up a bunch and decided to make up some mini-meatloaves to go in the freezer.  This is a family … Continue reading

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Love Notes

It’s February and there is no better time to let the people in your life know you care about them! This month Woody and I are working on a special project.  Each day at naptime we practice our cutting skills … Continue reading

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Stitching Update

January flew past!  Here is a look at where I started the month: and this is the progress I made: Hope you have a Marvelous Monday.  Thanks for taking the time to stop in!

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Matching scarf’s

Another glimpse at a Christmas present I made.  This time for Purplicous.  She LOVES scarves so when we were gathering yarn for some baby shoes  I made note of the yarn she was drooling over.  (There were many but in … Continue reading

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