Boot Cuff’s

The universe cooperated we had SNOW


I finally finished another Christmas project

(remember we are going with better late than NEVER) ;)


Purplicous was SO excited to put her new boot cuff’s to good use.  (Me too!)


To create them I used a free crochet pattern found at Loops of Lavender the pattern was super easy to read and work up!  When I first found the pattern I fell in love with the little bow in the back and knew a little girl who would love it too!


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Happy Birthday

TODAY is a pretty BIG birthday for this guy


(the older wiser one not the munchkin) my dad. I thought I would post a little shout out to him.


(not that he’s likely to see this unless mom let’s him know) :)

I happen to think he is a pretty amazing Dad and Grandpa! He is always so good at getting down and playing with the kids, teaching them things and checking in to see how life is going for them (and me to).  He is an extremely hard worker too and I really would be lost without his excellent example in my life.

Over the weekend my siblings put together a party to celebrate this momentous event. Our assignment ended up being a T-shirt.  Here is what the final product looked like:


I don’t have a picture but one of my siblings created a VERY long board to fit all the candles needed.  The best part of the night was when Dad went to blow them all out he surprised everyone by having a can of air in his hands to help him out :)

Thanks checking in this week!  The munchkins are off for Spring Break this week so I am going to take the rest of the week off.   I will be back Tuesday with something new.  Hope you have a wonderful week!

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Easter Video

Hello!  Thanks for taking the time to check in.  I have to be honest.  I had a rough weekend and I am WAY behind on a project that has a deadline looming extremely close. (I promise I have lots to share I just need time to edit a few photo’s and write everything up!  Fingers crossed this happens soon)

So instead of our usual which craftiness :)  I am sharing a video we watched as part of our Family Home Evening last night.  I hope you enjoy it!


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School Projects

Today we are featuring a couple of school book report projects Purplicious created recently for school.

First up was her character cup.  The book was Betsy Tacy by  Maude Lovelace

To be honest I can’t remember which character she did and she is currently sound asleep so BONUS points for you if you have read the book and know! :)


2nd was her milk box animal.  She read the book the Trouble with Tuck by Theodore Taylor


and the back with his cute little tail :)


Thanks for taking the time to see what we have been up to!

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Sympathy Card

Today I am sharing a card I whipped up this week.  It is for the Pink and Yellow challenge at ScrappyMom’s.   I have seen a few tutorials about coloring a marker on your stamp block and then spritzing it with a bit of water before stamping down on your paper.  It looked cool and I wanted to try. (emphasis on try) :)

In addition to this I have been in need of condolence cards or thinking of you cards so I decided this was a chance to make a go of both.


Card Challenge:

Scrappy Mom’s Pink & Yellow




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St. Patrick’s day hoopla

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day.  I have to be honest ours was a bit hectic.  Soccer season has started and I just can’t seem to get it all together!

On St. Patrick’s Day Woody was super anxious to get to school to see if his BIG project he and his dad had been doing worked!  For school he had to build a leprechaun trap.  They used this YouTube video as inspiration for his trap.


He was so excited to cut wood, drill holes & paint!


It comes complete with gold bricks and all!


The trap is set with invisible thread hooked to a peg under the gold.


As the gold comes out the trap comes down.





We even created a video so you could see the trap in motion!  (Sadly we don’t have a fancy enough wordpress account (Read we are too cheap to pay for it) to show the video.) :(

Sadness!  However we do hope you have a marvelous weekend!

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Pinterest inspired apparel

My sister in law asked me if I could help her personalize some clothing for her wardrobe.  Naturally I said yes.  First up was a T-shirt for her comic book class and the upcoming comic con she was headed to.


I created the designs with my Silhouette software various fonts and a few images from the internet.  Then cut them out on to freezer paper with my Silhouette Cameo.  Then it was time to put the designs on the clothing and paint.  Here is my Sister in law painting away :)


This is an up close of the happy surprise that the paint she bought was puffy.  For the Superhero word she combined black velvet tulip paint and blue glitter paint.  The effect turned out pretty cool.


Next up was a jacket


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