A chance to give

I know I don’t generally post on Tuesday but this is time sensitive:

Yesterday I saw a note asking if you had time to send a Birthday card please take a moment to read the link.  So I clicked on the link and found a story that was done on abc News about a little boy named Danny

Photo from abcNews click on the picture to go to the story


He has been battling an inoperable brain tumor since October and his Birthday wish was to receive a bunch of birthday cards.  If you want to read more please click on the picture to be taken to the abcNews story.

Needless to say the story tugged on my heartstrings a bit and the munchkins and I decided to spend sometime yesterday creating Birthday cards for Danny.


It was also chance to have a really good sweet conversation with my kids about life, death and sickness while doing something to brighten someone’s day a little.

I thought I would put it out there and share in case any of you fabulous readers wanted to take a moment and send a card:

Danny Nickerson, P.O. Box 212, Foxboro, MA, 02035



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Reunion Recap: GO FISH

I have dubbed this week Reunion Week.  I am going to highlight and recap some of the big projects I have been working on with my amazing mom for the last several months.

First up Family GO FISH!



I originally saw this idea on the Crafting Chicks blog  and thought it was a lot of fun.  (I somehow missed the lots of work part) :)  First step was to create my template for the cards.  We decided to go with a different color background for each family.  This way the cards could be used to play a game OR help the cousin’s figure out who belongs to who.

gofish_2(I assure you the kids mugs are cuter than this crew) ;)

We also included an OLD Maid to give the cards more versatility.


To create our Maid I used the cow graphic from Miss Kate’s Cuttables.  I did edit it a little to make it black and white like our family cow that somehow became a mascot of sorts for reunions.  I also added a few digital scrapbooking elements to fancy our cow up.  Sadly I am not sure where I picked them up from.

To make the cards we designed fronts:


and backs:


Then printed LOTS of cards followed by lots of cutting before gluing fronts and backs together and laminating them.

Then we were FINALLY able to cut them again for completion.  (HUGE shout-out to my husband who helped a TON with this since EACH family got their own deck of cards)

Last but not least Grandma found great containers to keep the decks of cards in.  For the top I designed a fun label again using images from Miss Kate’s Cuttables and from Ellie Lash.  Which I used my Silhouette to print onto sticker paper and then cut out for the containers.gofish_7

It was so much fun at the reunion to see what a hit these cards were:


Even the older crew got into them and there were LOTS of giggles all around and memories made!



On a quick other small note.  I had NOTHING to do with this project but a shout out to my mom who made each of the Grandchildren their own set of jammies!  I know at least at our house these are much loved!


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My entrepreneur

Purplicous sold 3 more scarves!


In other news so we “keep it real”  here on the blog when Doctor’s tell you “Don’t eat toothpaste” it’s legit.  (Not that I doubted . . .)

However, apparently this little munchkin did.


He decided to go for an early morning unsupervised tooth-brushing extravaganza to the tune of 3/4 of a brand new tube of toothpaste.  “Mom I kept trying to spit it out but I just couldn’t”

I am grateful for Poison Control who we spent the day talking to as they monitored the situation.  I also learned that the calcium in milk will bind to fluoride and help it exit your body.  (However the process is slow and painful)

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Firework flashback

Summer is here and with it a new refreshing sort of craziness.  So far our days have been spent enjoying camping, swimming lessons, tennis lessons, reading and sunny days outside.

This weekend we even had our first zucchini ready to harvest!  Plus our raspberries are starting to trickle in.

Since Friday is the 4th of July I thought I would re-share a post from the past in case anyone is looking for a yummy treat to celebrate the big day.

Firework brownies!


You can find the full details HERE

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Graduation Caps

We had another need arise to create Graduation suckers like these:


This year we added a new twist.  Instead of the bottom being chocolate with Rice Krispies I opted for chocolate with brownies.  The great thing about this was the sticks stayed up SO much easier!

I did paint the edges of the mold first


then placed a little piece of brownie yumminess in the cup before adding more chocolate on top and a stick.


Easy peasy and done!


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Cleaning Time

I am probably the last person to jump on this bandwagon nevertheless I thought I would share it here today anyway.   I have been hearing and seeing great things about a DIY cleanser using things you already had at home.  So I decided to give it a try.

The instructions were to combine equal parts of Dawn dish detergent and warm vinegar.  Pour both into a spray bottle and gently swirl to mix the two together.  Then spray down your tub/shower area and let sit 1-3 hours.  Everyone said the scum would wipe away!

Well since our tubs were in desperate need of a good scrub I decided to give it a try.  (Complete with embarrassing before photo’s!)

So here was the BEFORE:


Then I mixed up our solution.  A word of caution:  OPEN ALL WINDOWS etc.  this stuff is VERY smelly.  I ended up placing a rag over my mouth and nose to try to keep the stench out of my lungs!

I let mine sit about 2 hours.  Then I took a rag and literally gently wiped down the surface.  I was amazed at how much came off with very little effort!  I did have to scrub a little on the grout to get the blue out.  However the tiles were smooth and you could feel they were clean.  Fantastic!

Here is the after.  Can you see the line between where I sprayed and didn’t?


Aside from the smell not to bad!  It really did do a wonderful job cleaning up some of the soap scum that had been building up.



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End of Year Teacher Gift

Since in a lot of ways this blog is also my journal I am documenting what Woody did for his teacher at the end of the year and perhaps it will also help give you an idea as well if your  kids aren’t out of school already!

This year Woody started writing lots of stories in school.  So we decided it would be fun for him to write a book about what he thought his teacher might do during Summer vacation.

First I downloaded this writing paper from Teachers Pay Teachers (it’s free!)

Next I dropped it into Photoshop and reformatted it so that I had 2 per page.  For some of my pages I erased the first line so I could add the text During summer vacation . . .

Then Woody did the rest deciding what he thought she might do.  He wrote out the sentences and then drew a picture to go with it.

Here is a few of his idea’s:




One of the things was eat ice cream and we attached a gift card to help make sure this one happened ;)


The final page was a sweet thank you about how she was the BEST teacher ever!

So there you have it our simple end of year thank you for his teacher.

Let summer vacation begin! :)

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