Fireworks Friday!

Over the weekend of the 4th I attempted to make one of these: 

Pretty amazing huh!  You can find the full tutorial here at a fabulous new blog I found called Hungry Happenings.  She has some pretty mad skills and fun food project idea’s.  I will certainly be going back for more fun idea’s.

Here is what my final project ended up looking like:


An OK first try I think.

I was delighted to learn how to make a ganache!  Someday I will perfect a terrific brownie recipe. I ended up using good old Betty Crocker however, I used 2 mixes to give the brownie a little more umph.  The corn syrup added to the ganache helped give it some extra shine.  From my first trial I learned it can help hide less than perfect brownies!

I wasn’t able to locate all the same colors she used in the tutorial.  My selection at the local cake store was severely limited.  Plus admittedly when I saw the price tags I tried to cut back too!  Luster dust does not come cheap my friends.  In the end I used a sapphire blue, super green and  silk white.  I also picked up some American silver disco dust hoping it would add sparkle since silver wasn’t available.  If I do it again I would pick up another bold color perhaps a red to add contrast.

The only other change I made from the original tutorial was I used mint extract as the base to mix my colors in.   It worked great and it gave a nice hint of flavor to the brownies!

One tip I discovered while I was working with a new color if I put a piece of wrap and seal over my little containers the liquid didn’t evaporate all out allowing me to use it again later in the process.

I also learned that Disco Dust really doesn’t mix with the liquid much.  So a TINY amount of it just to make it slightly wet to stick is all you need.  Or just paint a bit of liquid on the brownie then sprinkle the dust on top of that.  It’s hard to tell int he pictures but the disco dust helped give it some fun sparkle.

 Once I finished my firework I started brainstorming other ways I could use this new technique.  These are a few of the ones I came up with:



We love our Cougars!



Valentines Day anyone (red might be a better color) 🙂





And of course St. Patrick’s Day!

The possibilities are endless!  Thanks for stopping by and have a FABULOUS Friday!

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1 Response to Fireworks Friday!

  1. I am so happy to see that you made my fireworks brownies. You did a great job. The brownies look fantastic! I’ll share a picture of your brownies over at Hungry Happenings with a link back to your site.

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