Argh Mateys !

We be havin’ a Swashbucklin time around these parts!
We pretty much checked out every Pirate book in the library and had a terrific time!
We learned from Pirate Pete that ye must talk like a Pirate to be a Pirate!

So we practiced our Ahoy’s  ~  Matey’s ~ and “Avast ye Landlubbers!”

  Our favorite Pirate movie we saw was this:

and at the end of the night this book taught us what the best treasure of all was:

Pirate Fabulous Friday kicked off the morning with Pirate Costumes to get us in character.
Even the wee li’l one was right in style!

We spent the first part of the day finish up our prop’s so we could be the best
Pirates possible.  After all you can’t be a proper pirate without a telescope

and naturally a hook is important as well

Next up was creating our Pirate Grub!









After all we knew some Pirates would be mighty hungry
after searching for their precious booty o’ gold all day!

We also created a few of these tasty critters!

Then we hoisted the jolly roger

and set sail on our Pirate adventure!

Thumper was our Cap’n and he had a fine time sailing our ship!

Then rest of us Scallywags were off to find the treasure!

Yo – ho – ho they followed a treasure map to a T around the tree x3

Then off again until they found the lucky treasure box!

There you have it!  Our Pirate Day adventure!  I managed to get 7/8 of my sewing projects for the day completed in time!  (Sadly the unfinished one is the coolest oh well!) I also have enough idea’s that I ran out of time for (either the actual day or in prep) that we probably will be having a 2nd Pirate Day around here before too long!

Stay tuned next week for tutorials on each of the projects featured above!

As usual have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!

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