Fabulous Friday ~ Dinosaur Edition!

To be honest our Dinosaur adventures have lasted a few days but it has been a blast!

Here is one of the books we enjoyed reading this week:

We started the day off with our dino-riffic lunch.  First up dinosaur watermelon.

So simple!  Just slice a thin layer of watermelon then use dinosaur cookie cutters to make your shapes.  Even my non watermelon lover liked it!  (All be it just for lunch)

Round out the meal with some good ol’ Dinosaur chicken nuggets!


Our next adventure for the day after donning our archeologist hats was a dinosaur dig.

10 Dinosaur bones had found their way into our sandbox!
(They may or may not have looked an awful lot like
chicken bones from dinner a few weeks ago).

True to life our dinosaur dig took FOREVER.  The munchkins were very diligent and very grateful when Dad got home to join in the fun.  (If we do this again I will take the time to spray paint the bones white and arrange them in a shape to make them easier to locate!)

Our crafty project for the day was dinosaur finger puppets.

You can find them here.  I did enlarge them a bit and added googly eye stickers.  Next time I would also flip at least one dinosaur so they didn’t all go the same direction!

We ended the night making dinosaur eggs for Saturday’s breakfast!
(This idea comes from the Our Best Bites website)

  1. Hard Boil Your Eggs
  2. Let them cool
  3. Give the eggs a good cracking all over.  (Try not to let too many shell pieces fall off)
  4. Take containers or cups and fill 2/3 full with water
  5. Use liquid food coloring to color the water
  6. Drop egg in and let sit overnight in the fridge
  7. Wake up and peel eggs!

The munchkins thought this was SUPER FABULOUS!

Later in the week we rounded things up with an up close and personal dinosaur encounter

We traveled to the Eccles Dinosaur Park.  In the words of Purplicious “It was AWESOME!”   They had TONS of life size dinosaur models to find as you roamed the park.  Woody thought the real dinosaur fossil was cool!(The teacher in me LOVED that he got the connection of our dig and this fossil!)

They even had a real dinosaur dig for the munchkins to try out!  Plus a fun playground to end the day on.

That officially wraps up our Dinosaur extravaganza!

If you made it through this monster post CONGRATULATIONS!  Now go enjoy your Fabulous Friday!
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