Stained Glass Butterflies

During the Summer I usually plan a few things to do with my kids and keep the summer fun.  This summer one of the plans is to focus on art.  I am hoping to learn about some famous artists and just try out so many of the fun art idea’s floating around!

This is our first one to kick off our Summer of Art!


I was inspired by a post at Little Wonders’ Days .  At Christmas time they made a beautiful nativity stained glass.  I had planned to replicate it at Christmas but just ran out of time.    I knew I loved the idea so we simply reworked it to fit with our current season 🙂


  • template pieces (Cut 2)
  • tissue paper squares
  • contact paper
  • scissors
  • Optional: glue


1.  Get your shape template anything would work.  I used my silhouette machine to cut out butterflies.  The shape was: Assorted Butterflies filigree set Design ID #26282

2.  Depending on the size of your openings and age of kids you can use the square as is.  This was perfect for my toddler or quarter them which I did for my older two.


3.  Cut 2 square of contact paper to fit your template


4.  Attach your template to one of the pieces of contact paper.


5.  Place tissue paper on project


6.  Align 2nd template over the first and then place contact paper over top.


TIP:  I wish we had glued the 2nd template on first because as we trimmed our butterflies they started to split.


7.  Trim around the edges of your template


8.  Enjoy your beautiful artwork!


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2 Responses to Stained Glass Butterflies

  1. These are gorgeous! I bet my kids would love to make some butterflies this summer. Thanks for the blog mention too.

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