Matching scarf’s

Another glimpse at a Christmas present I made.  This time for Purplicous.  She LOVES scarves so when we were gathering yarn for some baby shoes  I made note of the yarn she was drooling over.  (There were many but in the end she settled on the sparkles with the black because she thought it stood out better than the pink–very odd for her to pick black I must say!)


For the scarf I used the Joann’s free pattern One-Skein Crochet Beret and Scarf pattern.  You can find it HERE it is a pretty easy to follow pattern.  It is a bit vague at the end for the shells around the edges.  If you read the comments though they had some good suggestions.  I did 5 double crochets in the same stitch.

scarf2 copy

For the matching doll scarf I made the pattern up as I went but based it off of the one above.  I meant to write down directions but . . . it was last minute and that just didn’t happen.

This is my best fairly hazy recollection:

With a G hook Loosely Chain 94-100 (enough to go around the doll’s neck and hang down about where you want it.

Switch to an F hook and in the 4th chain from hook double crochet in each chain across.  Turn.

Shell 3 double crochets then skip next double crochet space before doing another shell.  Work around.

Here is a picture of the two patterns side by side:


You can tell from the picture Pinkalicous’s scarf is well loved.  I am a little disappointed with how the yarn is holding up.  It also didn’t turn out quite as sparkly as I would have hoped.  However, never having worked with yarn like that before it was a gamble.  Bottom line she is delighted to be able to be a “twinner” with her doll!

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