Big ball of timey whimey stuff . . .

“People assume that time is a linear progression of cause to effect but actually it’s more like a big fall of whibbley wabbley timey whimey stuff.” – The 10th Doctor

If that meant anything to you I am betting you are a Dr. Who fan ( a whovian??)

Which my sister in law is. . . just a little A LOT!

  Last week she had a birthday.  A while back I had offered to help/do her cake if she wanted.  She said that would be great.  Little did I know the cake already had a theme going.  She had attained several action figures and a police box ( the TARDIS?? or the blue phone booth at our house) 🙂 that were a MUST for the cake.  I also knew her favorite cake pans are the Wilton paisley set.  With all this in mind we went to work.


We used 3 cake mixes and baked up the medium paisley pan, the small paisley pan, a 2 inch round pan and a 6 inch round pan.

We carved the 6 inch round pan to fit on the medium paisley pan like this:


Then we jumped through time and space and ended up at the end.

(aka put it all together.  My sister in law was the color artist for the appropriate blues and gray on the other cakes.  She got as close to TARDIS blue as we could!)

Here is the end result:dr_3

The breakdown:

Matt Smith (the current doctor #11) wishing her a Happy 28th Birthday!
He is sitting on top of a cloud with a little pathway to his box. We tested
several star tips to find just the right one!


Next up we have David Tennant (doctor #10) fighting the Master.


Notice the red heart sprinkles at his feet.  He is obviously the favorite.


To place the Master we dug a hole in the cake  and buried him in crushed up Oreo cookies.  To add a little space magic we dusted with disco dust.  It showed up GREAT in the candles!


Finally we have Christopher Eccleston  (doctor #9) fighting a cyberman who is trapped in a back hole (or Oreo cookie in this case)  He won the battle in case you wondered.


Did you notice that each doctor was on their own level?


This was to avoid a hole in time and space.
They also may or may not be in ranking order of whom
my Sister in law like best as the Doctor.

Was the cake a success???   They say a pictures is worth a thousand words so  . . .


Hmm is this she loved the cake OR does she love David Tennant?  I guess you will have to decide for yourself

In the words of the 10th Doctor “Allons’y”

Happy Birthday Soozeee!!


Disclaimer: Any and ALL whovianness was directly associated with or provided by Soozeee and at the sole discretion and advisement of said Soozee.

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