Catch up!

Wow that was a bit longer of a break than I was expecting to take!  Life got busy and I kept choosing sleep over new posts. 😉

Here is a quick valentine update.

I learned a new trick on my Silhouette to cut out our valentine cards this year!  It was AMAZING!  Last time we did this particular card I cut out the little pieces by hand.  It TOOK forever.  This time around done in less than 3 minutes!  I simply printed off the file loaded it into the machine:


3 minutes later after I peeled off the extra paper voila:


AMAZING and ready to be made into this fun valentine:


Now for the stocking update this is where we were at last month:


I was actually delighted to see where this picture left off.  It shows that I didn’t unstitch quite everything I had done this month.

About a week ago I discovered I was 1 stitch off on EVERYTHING from the half way point of the stocking 😦  I had completed all of Santa’s arm!  I couldn’t find a way to make up the stitch so I spent the better part of a week unstitching almost and entire months worth of work.  Now my fingers are crossed that I have enough thread to finish a few parts.  YIKES!

So here you go it doesn’t look like much but I assure you it was HOURS of work.


Last but not least are you ready for Dr. Suess’s Birthday on Saturday March 2?  I’m so excited it falls on Saturday this year!  I am busy planning our feast and fun right now!

Need a few idea’s for inspiration you can check out our past parties HERE and HERE

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