Dancing Raisins

Ready for a fun little science project?  This is quick and easy and sure to entertain for a little while 🙂


  • Small box of raisins
  • 1 can of soda pop (Clear is easiest to see the raisins in)
  • clear glass

How to:

  1.   Pour Soda Pop into glassdancingrasins2
  2. Add Raisinsdancingrasins3
  3. Watch them Dance!dancingrasins4

Keeping it real disclaimer:  We may or may not have kept our raisins in the cupboard for a year resulting in them being SUPER hard.  As a hypothesis to see if the shape of the glass makes a difference we transferred everything to a different cup.


It did appear to work better.   Further testing will need to be conducted to see if fresher raisins will yield more dancing.  Look for a follow up coming in the SUMMER for Science 2015!

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