First up today is a book we are loving.  If you haven’t read it before I highly recommend a trip to your local library to check it out.  I think the boys and I have read it about 100 times already and they still adore this book!

My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza

It is a darling story about a delicious looking pig who show’s up on the fox’s doorstep right at dinner time.  It must be Fox’s lucky day!  Or is it?  You will have to see what this plump pig can think up to keep from being made into dinner!

We have also started our Lucky us we are blessed wall for the month of March


We are a few days slow but we started and that is what counts right?  If anyone wants to join us we would love it.  You can grab this kit HERE from Eli Lash to create your own Lucky us sign.  Then if you email a picture of your wall  to me by March 18th on the 19th I will post all our pictures of the many blessings we have!  I am excited to see how lucky we are!

Last but not least I have to share some pretty excited news.  Last week I was pretty excited when I won a stamp set from Craftin’ Desert Diva’s!

So fun to check out their blog and see I had won! (Not to mention having fun mail to open this week!)


Well that’s a wrap from here.  I hope you all have a wonderful day full of fun and lots of luck!


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