Valentine’s Day 2015

We celebrated a cRaZy Valentines day with our 2nd annual Crazy Cupid Cafe.  The munchkins always have so much fun with this meal.  Each hoping to get the food in the “right” order for them!

Earlier in the day we set our table


printed and laminated menu’s (trying to cut back on the work for next year).


and did a bit of meal prep (apparently I was too busy working to take anymore pictures)

When it was go time each person decided on their menu order.  They had fun choices like snugglin, huggin and kissin.  Each of these linked to either a food item or a utensil.

This year our menu was baked potatoes, Jell-o cups, mint shake, fork, spoon, salad/roll, fruit cup & dip & dessert.  (SO MUCH FOOD)  Ironically almost every guest ended up with fruit at the dessert portion of the meal 🙂

Purplicous was the decorator for dessert.


The picture just doesn’t do it justice but together we made chocolate heart brownies covered in chocolate ganache and sprinkled with hearts

You can find a printable for the menu HERE at the Dating Diva’s blog and more on how the Crazy Cupid Cafe works.


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