Week of Love Continues

Hello again!  I know it is shocking 2 posts in the same week.  🙂  Please don’t mind the pictures today.  We are going for getting the posts up rather than perfect pictures.

First up is a little more cookie love.  While the munchkins are away mom will play 🙂


I got an unexpected few minutes to myself this week while the older munchkins were at school and the younger munchkin was occupied helping the plumber install a new water heater at our house.   Thankfully the plumber was a friend of ours and he was so sweet and great with my little one!  Unexpected bonus – a few minutes to play independently with frosting.

(Also random side note if you happen to need a water heater apparently there are new laws going into effect April 16.  The water heaters will need a lot more insulation and therefore cost more and take up more space.  Plus be harder to install – So if you happen to be in need of a water heater you might want to jump now.)

This week we have also been busy cranking out a few more valentines.  We have been stamping and addressing envelopes:


Plus assembling and adding stickers as well.


For the boys we went old school.  My mom gets credit for the design it was one we used as kids a long time ago 🙂 Here is what the front looks like:


The insides look like this:  (yes the ears must stick out just a little according to Woody!)


I dropped the file into my silhouette to cut out the giraffe body parts.



Next we added a pixie stick for the neck with a little tape.  A few stickers and Done!  If you are interested in the files leave me a comment and I would be happy to email them to you.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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