I was informed again that my blog is being greatly neglected.  So here goes another attempt at picking up the pace a bit 🙂

We have been busy with some LOVELY valentine projects.  (What is that you ask?  How are the Christmas projects going . . . ahem GREAT or rather not at all.  Perhaps next week).

Instead we have been busy painting valentine shirts!  Thanks to THIS post at Smile like you Mean it.  We had easy to cut and go shirt options.  HOORAY!

Thumper chose and decorated this one:


Did you notice the blue and silver glitter paint.  It is OK for little boys to glitter right?  (I talked him down from the whole shirt full of bling this was our happy medium)


Woody went more conservative with only a little bit of sparkle



Purplicous has been busy cranking out class valentines.  We cut a shape on the Silhouette and she went to town stamping and coloring.



We are both loving a fun new product called Star Dust Stickles.  We used it as bling for the wings on our Peachy Keen bee!

We also made our annual valentine cookies.


I saw a fun new video this year and decided to try a new design out.  The munchkins were all pretty impressed with how it turned out!


The cookies are currently drying in the kitchen smelling divine! We are excited to deliver them to church teachers, school teachers and anyone else we feel could use some cookie love!

Still to come another set of class valentines and we are gearing up for our Crazy Cupid Cafe on Saturday!  I hope you are all having a lovely valentines week!

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2 Responses to Love!

  1. Amy Petersen says:

    You are inspirational! I need to get busy making some cookies with my kiddos. I would love to peek at your menu for Vday. We are making a similar attempt this year!

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