Christmas Reveal (a.k.a keeping it real)

Hello!  It has been way to long since I have visited this little ol blog of mine!  Perhaps it’s time to change that – yes?

Well it looks like we are going to start the year off right with a dose of honesty.  First up I am going to showcase the Christmas projects I had planned last month.  Drum roll please:


Yup  folded fabric.  Awesome huh 🙂

I promised myself this wasn’t going to happen this year.  No purchasing fabric I wasn’t CERTAIN I could get the project sewn in time for THIS Christmas. (No fun fabric discoveries in oh October)  Well . . . . This is what happens when you work hard to leave town figuring you can sew to your hearts content at your moms and then you get TERRIBLY SICK!  (Yup sad but true I got bronchitis and NO sewing happened)  Silver lining how often as a mom do you get to just be sick without other responsibilities?  I am grateful for a wonderful mom who took care of my family for over a week while I was unable to.

Now onto  the 2nd & 3rd projects . . .


What you can’t tell what they should be? 🙂

This was a failed attempt at using Silhouette printable clear sticker paper.  Yup the ink smeared and bubbled like CRAZY.


I was SO sad when this happened.  (and SO out of time to try and figure out a fix)  So good bye family memory and good bye tic -tac – toe!  (Perhaps I can regroup for valentines day?)

There you have it friends.  That is what I accomplished for homemade gifts this year.  TOTAL BUST.

Purplicous did get 1 project done and we will feature that next week.  In addition I hope to have finished up one other project that I ended up giving a coupon for at Christmas and will share it next week too!

I do hope each of you sweet readers did have a wonderful Holiday!  Thanks so much for checking in here.  I am grateful for each one of you.

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