2014 Canning Update

Ready or not canning season has arrived in a hurry.  It appears fruit is especially early this year!  Today I am sharing our update of fruit for 2014 for my records.  Not super exciting but helpful for me next year 🙂


This year we canned 2 bushel of lemon Elberta Peaches ($20 a 1/2 bushel)
which did 24 quarts.

We have also discovered that just over 1/2 a half bushel fruit box will yield 7 quarts of tomatoes.  So far we have had 14 quarts off of our garden this year!

Last but not least we cooked up a new batch of peach butter this year.


Not sure what to do with it?  Try this recipe HERE for BBQ Peach butter chicken.


For our recipe I combined information from Taste of Southern  (They have beautiful pictures!) of the process, Smitten Kitchen (more great pics and lots of info) and the ball cookbook.

In the end here are the highlights of what we did

  • 27 peaches (*if large I would cut back to 24 next year) yielded just over 4 quarts peach pulp
  • Added 4 cups of sugar
  • End result: 6 1/4 pints


With the leftover peach puree I froze it in ice cube trays and Purplicous has decided it is perfect in a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast! Hooray!

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