My entrepreneur

Purplicous sold 3 more scarves!


In other news so we “keep it real”  here on the blog when Doctor’s tell you “Don’t eat toothpaste” it’s legit.  (Not that I doubted . . .)

However, apparently this little munchkin did.


He decided to go for an early morning unsupervised tooth-brushing extravaganza to the tune of 3/4 of a brand new tube of toothpaste.  “Mom I kept trying to spit it out but I just couldn’t”

I am grateful for Poison Control who we spent the day talking to as they monitored the situation.  I also learned that the calcium in milk will bind to fluoride and help it exit your body.  (However the process is slow and painful)

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One Response to My entrepreneur

  1. Lisa says:

    Poor baby!

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