Sneak peek project

Today I thought I would share a sneak peek of a project I have been spending lots of time on this month.  In July my side of the family is having their big reunion.  One of the themes this year is family history and learning about our ancestors.  To go along with this I have been working with my amazing mom (the brains behind all this) and helping make activity pages for the kids to do as they learn about my grandparents and great grandparents who are no longer alive.

Here is a sample page:

farmTo create it I took a picture of a watercolor my mom’s Aunt had made.


Then in Photoshop I put a filter over it under sketch and then Photocopy.  You have to play a bit with the settings then you can also go through and erase parts that came in too dark.

One more for fun:

amberinnThis is a great tool for up close photo’s as well.  Especially if you want to make custom coloring pages. Sadly all of those pages have munchkins that I try hard not to show faces of.  So . .  . take my word for it or try it out on your own!

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