Friday Fun!

Don’t know about you but we are in need of some Friday fun!  The last week our lives have been consumed with the stomach flu 😦

My fingers are crossed we are done!

If you are searching for a little fun this weekend why not create a May day basket to deliver this coming Thursday to brighten someone’s day?


The munchkins voted for fancy paper flowers this year.  Like these:


Images taken from my Silhouette library

I have to be honest though it will be a small miracle if they happen with everything else on the schedule.  They look like too much work to my weary bones 🙂  I personally loved the simplicity of last years flowers.

flowers_md(Painted paper with water colors, cut out flower shapes and hot glued a Rolo or Hershey kiss to the middle)  So  . . .

Just like last year if you make a May day basket I would LOVE to see it and post a picture on the blog here.  I am always amazed at everyone’s creativity.  You can email me at whichcraft2create(at)gmail(dot)com.  Please have your pictures in by the 6th I hope the post on the 7th.

Need a couple of idea’s here are a few of our past May Day posts:


2013– idea’s page




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