Back Again ?

I’m back attempting blogging again we will see if it sticks 🙂  Life experiences are making me re-evaluate priorities and computer time.  I have a new-found empathy for those who are in car accidents.  It really is a long recovery.  I am grateful each day that brings miniscule steps forward.

ANWAY here’s a small recap of the last couple of weeks.

We celebrated Spring Break up at Grandma’s house where we got do fun things like lunch with the cousin’s at their school, visit the aquarium where we gave high five’s to the sting rays


Fed the Lorikeets


and hung out at the sand dunes!


Word to the wise:  When your sister say’s “want to ride together?”  as you are about to head down the dune –  be wary. ( Pretty sure this isn’t what he envisioned as she hopped on and shoved off) 🙂


I have also been working on several projects for upcoming family events.   Here is a sneak peak at one I can share now.



I have been working with my husband on a photo book to celebrate his Grandpa’s up coming 90th birthday.  I have LOVED seeing the old family photo’s.  It is amazing to see traits from 3 generations back showing up in my nieces and nephews now.  Here are two examples for the enjoyment of my in-laws.

My Mother- in-law and 2 of her siblings

My Mother-in-law and 2 of her siblings



If you made it to the end of this monster post HOORAY!

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