Birthday Cakes

Over a month ago I helped create 2 birthday cakes for my Sister in law.  Why 2 you ask?  Well the family crowd potential was big and we wanted to make sure everyone got a piece.


My SIL really wanted to try out a ruffle cake like the one I made HERE and I wanted to try out a new technique I had seen on the web called a petal design.

With our designs settled she choose purple as her color and we got to work.  For the ruffle cake we stuck with one solid color.


For the 2nd cake we decided to attempt a graduated purple design.  Starting with pure white icing in the center top and gradually adding color as we cascaded down the cake.


The cake was super simple to pull off.  We simply colored all of our icing colors.  Then placed them into several piping bags containing only a coupler.

bday5From here we piped rows of dots following our color scheme.

bday6Then with an angled spatula you simply press and slide the frosting creating the little ridge.  Then repeat over and over!


The end got a little tricky but with practice and a bit of care you can blend the rows together.


In the end the Birthday Girl was happy with the finished product and had a fabulous birthday!

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2 Responses to Birthday Cakes

  1. Sarah says:

    Oooh, I love the second cake! It is so beautiful. And it looks like maybe something I could do! 🙂

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