Valentine T’s

Over the weekend the munchkins and I started to make our valentine T shirts!  It was so much fun to work with each of them to create their shirt.  The boys decided to use the same design but personalize it with their own color choices.  I took a design I found on the internet HERE and modified it slightly.  I used the silhouette software to trace the design.  Then I moved the wheels farther apart to make it easier for the boys to paint.

I cut the design on freezer paper.  Placing the shiny side down onto my cutting mat.  Then we ironed the shape onto our shirts.


Had a blast painting.  I am LOVING these dot foam brushes I picked at Walmart forever ago.  They were PERFECT for little kids to dab up and down to paint so we didn’t accidentally get paint under our stencil.


Once it was completely painted.


It was time for the coolest part.  The peel and reveal!


After that I fee handed a few of the details and this was our final product!


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