Bulletin boards

During the Christmas break we were able to check off another project on the list!!  I have to give a big shout out to my Dad because without his help I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t have gotten done.

In each of the kids bedrooms we put up bulletin boards.  Now they have a place to display all of their “precious” papers and art projects.  (Thanks Aunt Mim and Uncle Wayne for giving us the low down on how to make them).

Want to make your own?   Here’s how:

bulletin board


  • False Ceiling Tiles (1 pack = 8 tiles each tile is 2’x4′)
  • Fabric to cover (tiles are 2ftx4ft if I remember right we got @ 1 1/2 yards per tile)
  • Staple Gun
  • 3/4 inch L shaped Wood trim (enough for the top and bottom of tiles using ours were 8ft long)
  • Size 8 Screws 2.5 inches long (we used 8 per 4 tile bulletin board)

1.  We let the kids pick out the fabric they wanted.  We opted for 2 tiles in fancy fabric and the other 2 we chose a simple broadcloth cotton.

2.  Iron fabric and trim down edges.

3.  Pull tight and staple fabric to front side of tiles (The white side with the holes)


4. Repeat above steps as needed

5.  Stain trim pieces to desired color.  (We also had to trim our pieces slightly to match our 4 tiles)

6.  Measure where your studs are in the wall.

7.  Have lots of helpers to hold the boards in place while someone drills them  into the wall!

8.  Grab some tacks and start putting up those pictures!


(This picture is mostly for Grandma my boys share a room and each only get half of the bulletin board – thus the contrast) 🙂


Thanks for stopping in I hope you have a MARVELOUS Monday!

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2 Responses to Bulletin boards

  1. Lisa says:

    Those are darling! I just bought the bulletin boards that my girls have in their rooms. Yours are much cuter and more personalized. You are great!

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