Looking ahead

Nothing terribly new or exciting today I have had to slow down a bit this week and sitting at a computer is not on the “approved” list of activities 🙂  (Plus I forgot to take a picture I needed for the post I was going to put up.)

Anyway — I thought I would give you a heads up 1 week from today is
Chinese New Year!

source: internet

We are gearing up for another great party!  You might recall last years celebration HERE. 

This year it is the year of the horse.

source: ineternet

This week I hope to get some fortune cookies made (if you have any good fortune idea’s please leave me a comment!)

For decorations this year I think I will have the kids help me color some of these:

from: teacher’s pay teachers (Free Download)

For our meal we are going to be enjoying Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken  I have made it before and it is WONDERFUL!  (I will snag pictures this time around and post the recipe here soon!) and I might give THIS recipe a tray for one pot lo Mein (except I will probably leave the chicken out)

This week the munchkins and I have several books about China and Chinese New Year to read that I picked up at our library.

Chinese New Year not your thing? How about Groundhog day?  I am hoping to make THIS (see below or click link) with the munchkins for that: (The ground hog can even go up and down in these cookies!  (Click over and see)  I will be modifying it slightly to make a nut free version of no bake cookies though.

Source: She Knows food and recipe’s

And last but not least Valentines day will be upon us soon so we will be cutting out lots of hearts in preparation to continue our tradition of heart attacking the bedroom doors! (More info click HERE)


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