Happy Noon Year!

A bit slow on updating but I thought I would share a quick recap of our first annual Happy Noon Year party!


I can’t remember where I first saw the idea for this.  Probably several places.  Rather than have the kids stay up to midnight and be grouchy we opted to celebrate Noon year the next day.  Here’s a quick recap of how our party went down.

The night before I decorated our tree with a few balloons filled with some coins and jokes.  The jokes and coins idea came from Our Best Bites.


I wasn’t up to much festive party cooking so instead we ran with an idea a friend of mine had recently shared.  We gave each member of our family $5 to purchase any food they wanted from the grocery store.


The only rule was that it had to be nut free 😉  Truthfully I figured we would end up with all sweets.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Tater tots, jello, soft pretzels,  sherbert ice cream and moose bars,  pizza, raspberries and Oreo cookies was the cuisine.


For our party we had sticky notes ticking off the half hour from 10:30 – Noon Year!  Each one listed a different activity for us to do.


We played games, created noise makers and then watched the ball drop.


We followed the fun with our feast of $5!


Hope each had a wonderful New Years as well!

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