Eye – Spy tutorial

Today I am sharing a little eye spy bag I made for a Christmas present this year.


  • crafting plastic (at least medium strength)
  • Fleece
  • Polly Pellets
  • buttons, beads etc (things to spy) 🙂

1.  First I found a template I liked.  This time I chose a bell shape.  I cut out 2 piece of felt from that shape.  1 piece of the plastic and printed off an oval template that fit within my bell shape.


2.  Sew plastic to wrong side of 1 piece of fleece in oval shape.  I sewed it with the plastic side down.  If it is sticking to your machine too much try placing pieces of scotch tape over your feed dogs. Also make sure that you completely close in your circle!


3.   Carefully tear off the paper from the front.


4.  If you want to you can trim the plastic down.


5.  Carefully pull up the center of the fleece inside the plastic oval and snip a hole.  Then trim fleece to the edge of the plastic.


6.  Pin right sides together with both pieces of fleece and stitch around the shape leaving about a 2 inch opening.


7.  Trim corners as needed and turn shape right sides out.


8.  Gather your item’s to be spied and take pictures.

9.  Place items in your shape.


10.  Add polly pellets to bag.  (I generally fill mine about 1/2 full)


11.  Hand stitch the opening closed.

12.  I printed my eye spy cards and laminated them for durability.


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