Merry Christmas!

As we pulled together a talk for Purplicious to give in church this week.  We came across the following poem.  I love the simpleness of it and the gentle reminder of what Christmas is all about.  So I thought I would share it with you today.
It comes from the 1986 Friend magazine.

The First Christmas Night

by Shannon Ostler

Long, long ago on the first Christmas night,
A new star appeared and shone with great light.

An angel told shepherds of Jesus Christ’s birth,
Of the newborn King who would bring peace to earth.

The shepherds went quickly to the stable where lay
The wee baby Jesus, asleep on the hay.

And later the brightness of the new shining star
Guided the Wise Men with their gifts from afar.

But on that first Christmas, with angels singing above,
Was the best Christmas present – the Gift of God’s love.

As you make the final preparations for Christmas where ever you are.  I hope that you take a moment to reflect why we celebrate.  I love the touching message in this video and hope you take a minute to watch and perhaps reflect.  What gift are we giving to our Savior this year?

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