Food and Goody Bags (Lego party 3)

Today I am sharing the final part of our Lego party.

I forgot to add what the prizes were for the games to Friday’s post!  Some we played for fun, others we attached prizes.  I used a xyron sticker maker and made Lego stickers.  For the pictures I downloaded them off the Lego website.  I also made Lego and mini figure chocolates for the kids to choose.


For treats we stuck with our standard make your own cupcake.  I always love seeing the kids reactions when you tell them they get to decorate their own cupcake.  “Like put frosting on it?”  🙂


Each guest found a plate, cupcake, cup of frosting and a cup of decorations for the top.   In the decoration cup I had sprinkles and a chocolate mini figure.  Then on the table I had different colors of icing in bags with fun tips.


Last but not least each child left with a “goody bag”.  I had found a Lego Birthday kit on clearance earlier in the year which made things super easy!


As the kids earned prizes throughout the party they would place them in their Lego bag.  In the end each child had.  1 Wendy’s frosty coupon, 1 Lego Mini fig, 3 Lego stickers, chocolate bricks and chocolate mini figs.

And that is a wrap!

If you are just joining today you can check read my other posts HERE and HERE

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