Lego Party – part 2

Decorations – check

Guests arrived – check

Time for games!

First up was Don’t Eat Lego man.  The kids LOVED this.


I was also blown away by how many cleared the board before arriving at the “it” picture.  I also loved the one time one little guy picked the “it” piece right off the kids were immediately on board that he should have another turn.   Then when the child was somewhat nervous to start because he didn’t want everyone to  yell “DON’T  eat Lego Man!” again  the kids all started coaching him on what pieces were safe so he could clear the board too!

Click HERE to be directed to the link for the Don’t Eat Lego Man printable.

Next up was Lego Toss.  This was a Pinterest find.  We created circles out of construction paper and I designed the point values out of the Lego font.  The kids were each given 4 Duplo pieces to toss.


Build a Lego car and racing was next.  Before the party we created a bag of Lego’s with components to create a car (I think 22) for each guest.   We also used painter’s tape to create the lanes on a folding table.


At the party each kid was given a bag and told to create the best car they could.

Once completed we started racing,rebuilding


and racing some more!


Our final game was Lego, Lego, Brick.  (AKA Duck, duck, Goose!)

Monday I will finish up with food and prizes!  If you missed the first post in this series click HERE.

Thanks for stopping in I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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