Lego Party – part 1

Today is the start of a few posts about a Lego party we recently threw.

First up the decorations.  Let me tell you when you Google Lego party decorations be prepared to be BLOWN away.  There are SO many talented people out there.  In the end simplicity and frugality won out so we kept our decor pretty simple and low key.


I snagged the printable birthday file HERE from Big K Little G to make a fun Happy Birthday Banner.


I also got the Free download HERE from Winks & Daisies.  With this file I used the Silhouette print and cut feature to create Lego man to place in the front of the house and to make a banner I hung up downstairs where the kids did a lot of their activities.  (Sadly I missed getting a picture of it.)

We (meaning my creative / artistic husband) drew Lego faces plain yellow lunch bags.


Then I used THIS amazing tutorial to learn how to create a Lego font tag in Photoshop for each of our guests.  When the guests arrived they got to pick a face and tape their tag on the bag.


After picking out their bag each child was handed a plain Lego mini figure shape to design their own Lego man while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Once they were finished coloring their shape we used a Xyron machine to turn their creation into  a sticker.


This was a BIG hit with the kids!

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