Kids Art Display

Saturday was a momentous day for us!  We FINALLY got the kids art display boards up on the wall in the dining room!  This project has been in the works F~O~R~E~V~E~R!


The original idea came from HERE if you want to make your own I strongly recommend checking out the tutorial.

We used 2-1×3 boards & 10 silver clips I picked up at Walmart.

We had a few set backs and changes that kept halting progress. Such as spending time staining and painting multiple layers of paint only to decide you HATE the color and type of paint you used 😦


Finding out just how much your husband loves you when he spends his free time while you are at meetings sanding all those layers so it is ready for a fresh new color of paint or stain or whatever crazy idea you have next.


2nd Bonus Lowes offered free paint coupons and we got one!  HURRAY our project was back in business.

After some new coats of paint and a realization that you have no idea how to give things that “vintage-ish  weathered look”

We called it good.

After measuring out where the clips belonged (So artwork wouldn’t overlap), we stuck them on with Gorilla Glue.  Our clips ended up being 11 inches in on each side and then 13 inches between each one.


The munchkins are now delighted that I have a place to display their lovely pictures!


The verdict is still out as to whether or not to add vinyl above saying:



“Every child is an artist” ~ Pablo Picasso


Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old”

Feel free to leave your thoughts or great art quotes you know!  Have a great Monday!

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