About a week ago we had a fun family activity to brighten up our front door.  The munchkins couldn’t come to a unanimous decision whether to make Frankenstein or a Monster.  So in an effort to please all we created Frankenmonster!


If you are in need of a cheep fun activity this is for you!  We picked up green and black butcher paper from a local party store for $1.97.  (72 inches for the green and 24 inches of the black)

We came home and put the green paper on our door as a base.  Then created black as hair.  Once that was done we gathered some bowls and construction paper to make the facial features.

Thumper was our tracer for our circles.


Wearing the bowl upon completion was necessary (It added to the level of funness ~ you have to say yes sometimes!)


Purplicious and Woody were the cutters supreme.


Then we pulled out the glue for our eyeballs before taping everything onto the door.

Our finished product brought so many smiles it has been well worth it!

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