An EGG-celent activity!


While perusing the library we found this book:

We knew we had to try it out!

After reading the book we gathered our supplies.


  • clear container
  • 1 egg
  • vinegar

Then we placed the egg in our jar.  Added vinegar until the egg was covered


and waited




Long Days!

Finally it was time to take our egg out of the vinegar.  Our egg shell didn’t completely dissolve and had a slight white texture to it.


The munchkins enjoyed feeling in the rubberized egg and bouncing it.

A word of caution:  The book warns not to drop it from too high because it will splatter.  This is TRUE!   (6 inches is too high to be dropped from!)


It is cool to see but I would recommend not doing it until everyone is done playing with the bouncing egg and all camera equipment is covered. 😉

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