Snack Time

Today I am sharing one more food storage type post then I promise to move on to something new next week!

This is probably my most favorite thing I dehydrate/can each year.  Pears!  They are DELICIOUS (don’t believe me next time you are in the area give me a call and I will share one with you!) and easy to take along places. They do take a little more time than dried apples but so worth it in the end.

Ready to learn how?

1.  Peel a fresh ripe pear (not so ripe that it is mushy!)


2.  Core it.


3.  Slice it about 1/4 – 1/2 an inch thick (Try to be uniform!) and place slices on your dehydrator trays.


5.  Turn on the dehydrator and wait!  (They usually take between 12-18 hours depending on the thickness and your dehydrator)


6.  Remove from trays and enjoy!

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