Weekend recap

Today’s post is mostly for my record keeping and not very exciting 🙂

I spent a chunk of my weekend doing this:


and by the end my kitchen looked like this:


2 1/2 bushel pears = 43 quarts (with @ 1/2 bushel that weren’t quite ready)

2 bushel of peaches = 41 quarts , 1 gallon sized bag of frozen slices (for smoothies) and about 15 left to eat.

Thumper also celebrated a big day.  His request was a blue marshmallow cake.  This was the best we could pull off:


mashmallow_cake3(yes his name was before the exclamation Photoshop is a beautiful program)

Compete with 1 standing marshmallow smarty pants (His term for anyone he loves/is annoyed with just depends the moment)


and many more surrounding the cake.


His grin made it all worth the super late night when he saw his Marshmallow cake that even had 2 eyes and mouths!

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