Back to School Scrapbook

In light of school recently starting I thought I would share a fun family tradition we have of our Kindergarten scrapbook.  This is a fun way for us to document an exciting time in their lives.


My kids have LOVED being able to look back and remember that special first year of school and see all the things they learned to do, the changes that happened and a little bit of their artwork from back then.  (Every other year of school we simply fill out a back to school questionnaire like the ones you can find all over the internet)

An added bonus to the book.  It allows me to spend a little extra time focusing on that particular child as they begin to spend more time away from home.  It gives us a chance to visit and a way for my kids to share a few more details about what happened throughout the school year.  It is a project we do together.  (I do usually have the pages premade but all information and pictures added we decide and work on together)

I wish I could take credit for the text.  However I modeled it after a book I made with a scrap booking group while living overseas.  I wanted to recreate it to use with my family and to give as gifts so I took the time to create my own templates.

I thought I would share them today in case anyone is interested in creating your own fun book to remember that special first year of school.


  school_scrapbook2 school_scrapbook3 school_scrapbook school_scrap

Generally I try to do a text page followed by a picture page that goes along with something in the text.

If you are interested in these PDF’s leave me a comment and I would be happy to email them to you!

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