Back to School Chalk Board

I finally completed another project started last year!  I have to be honest I was a little disappointing they have become such a pinterested project as of late! ( I like being ahead of the curve.  Sigh ~ Oh well!)


I got this done just in time for the munchkins to start back to school!  I think it will be a fun family tradition to go with our first day of school pictures.



  • Scrap Wood (I used some Masonite my Father in Law was getting rid of)
  • Martha Stewart chalk board paint
  • Paint brush
  • rulers (enough to cover the perimeter of your board)
  • Gorilla glue
  • clamps


1.  Cut board to size you want

2  Paint with Chalkboard paint my board ended up taking 3 coats


3.  Pull metal trim out of rulers and cut to sizes needed

4.  Glue onto board and clamp


5.  Remove clamps and enjoy!

My added bonus is I think this piece finally completes the inside of my shelf for back to school time! (While crazy it makes me happy) 🙂


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