This year on a family camp-out my brother introduced us to Woof – Em’s!  (I am guessing their name comes because they don’t last long everyone just woof’s them up?) 🙂


They are delicious and easily adaptable to everyone’s likes.

Ingredients/ supplies:


  • Woof – em stick (directions on Friday)
  • crescent roll or biscuit dough
  • pudding and or pie fillings
  • whipping cream


1.  Carefully wrap dough around the woof – em stick and push to mold shape together.


2.  Place over coals to start cooking.  Be sure to rotate regularly and watch the fun as the dough puffs and cooks up!


3.  Peel off of Woof – em stick and fill with pudding or pie filling of your choice.


4.  Top with whipping cream


5.  Now woof it down!

As far as I know when we took them to our next family camping trip they received a big Thumbs up from everyone!


Come back Friday to learn our tips for making your own Woof – Em sticks!

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