Tooth Fairy Bag

I have known for awhile I needed to get a tooth bag made for Woody.


In fact I think it has been a reminder from him daily for awhile as he anxiously wiggled and waited for his tooth to be loose enough to come out.  Yesterday we started the bag and NONE TO SOON!   His tooth came out the same day!

Makes me wonder if he didn’t leave it hanging by a thread waiting for his mom to get her act together!  😉

Anyway  . . .  tonight he sleeps with this little bag hanging by his bedside.


It comes complete with a place to stash your tooth and a pocket to hold those coins he hopes to receive.


The finishing touch is that the front tooth was stitched by his sister with care.


The bag is patterned after the tooth bag from the Purl Bee.  The first time I made it I used  the pattern for Purplish.  This go round I was too lazy to look it up and just free handed it.

Yeah for finishing something by Friday!  Hope your Friday is Fabulous!

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One Response to Tooth Fairy Bag

  1. Jared says:

    I made these with a bunch of random kids during the “Give a Kid a Smile” week here in Portland a while back. That is a good looking tooth on that bag!

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