Mary, Mary , Quite contrary . . .

how does your garden grow?

gardenI thought I would add a few shots of what ours looks like these days


Do you recognize those plants?

Zucchini and Yellow Squash!  Be prepared for them to be making a debut in a few new recipes soon.

Today I thought I would share a quick easy gardening tip.  Last year we were struggling with the birds enjoying our berries before we did.  Thanks to my dad we had a quick and easy fix to the problem:


Pie tins!

Now I will grant you this isn’t the chicest yard decoration around but they are effective.  We poked a hole in our pie tin and then tied yarn through it to attach to our posts.  Occasionally we have them drilled into our fence as well but the weather hasn’t really been cooperative this year and they keep getting blown off 😦


If you look close you can see our tins.  Obviously I didn’t think to go and move them back out until AFTER  I took the pictures.  OOPS!  In the wind or breeze the pie tins move and bounce light all over and keep the birds at bay.

A win win!

Hope this helps!  Have a marvelous Monday

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