File Folder Fun

I am halfway through completing a “someday” project!  For many years I have had a box of partially finished file folder games from when I taught school.  All of them were in various stages of coloring, gluing, cutting and laminating.


Over the last 2 weeks I have made a concerted effort to GET THEM DONE! By doing so I  reclaim a shelf in my craft room, lose the guilt and gain an educational tool for my kids that they think is fun!


I would say I am about half way done!  All the games that were done or part done are now completed.  With a bit of help from my husband we knocked out almost 50 games!  Now I just have one file folder full of unfinished games left to complete.


One of the biggest rewards was when we took them up camping last week with all the cousins.  They made my day when they kept asking to do more and more of those games!  (WHEW my time wasn’t wasted!) 🙂

Most of mine were Carson Dellosa games from books I collected while teaching.  I have found a few sites that have some good educational file folder games.  If you are interested in making a few of your own check them out!

File Folder Fun – A great sight with TONS of resources.  I love that they are divided up by age and grade making it easy to find what you are looking for.  They also have it set up so you can print in black and white or color depending on how much time vs. $$ you want to spend!

Child Care Land – Most of these I did a LONG time ago and they had tons of great seasonal  shape matching games.  It looks like their freebies may change from time to time I didn’t actual see the ones I had on the site still.

Good luck and have fun!

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2 Responses to File Folder Fun

  1. elizabeth says:

    Hi Good Morning, this is a very random question but I have a few file folders with similar tabs as yours but I can’t figure out where I got them from and was wondering if you can help. Can you tell me where the “turkey tails” & “Going Batty” are from I have a few with those exact tabs but I can’t figure out where I got them and would love to find more. I no longer teach but I have a child with ASD and I was putting together a few file folder games for him and would love to get more of the same kind.

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