Oregon Vacation part 2

Today I am sharing a few tips we learned while at the Oregon Coast.  We headed to Newport and camped at Beachside Campground just south of Waldport.  It was fabulous!  The campground is right next to the beach!


After a day spent at the coast building sand castles, flying kits (who knew the $0.97 cheepo would be the BEST flyer!), and looking for cool rocks and sea shells.  We headed off to explore.

We were able to see Hecita Head lighthouse!  It has just been renovated and opened the week before we got there!  Word to the wise tours only run from 11 -3 if I remember correctly and they say during the busy time of year plan to wait awhile.  The tour was fantastic lots of neat information and the kids learned quite a bit.


TIP:  If you go to the look out point for Hecita Head don’t forget to look down!  We saw lots of seals and sea lions!


Out of all the tidepool spots we checked out our favorite was Seal Rock.  The kids needed a little help getting down to the waterfront.  The paved path stops part way and it is a pretty good step/jump down to the rocky part of the shore which you have to walk on for about 15 feet before getting to the Sandy Beach.


We lucked out on the day we went and a volunteer from Hatfield Science Center was there.  She was AMAZING!  She pointed out all sorts of tide pool life and told the kids about it from sea slugs to star fish!  Or how to listen to the barnacles snap crackle and pop with their feet!


If you are in the area and wanting to go tide pooling plan on starting about an hour before low tide until about an hour after low tide. (Most of the summer it sounded like a volunteer would be at Seal Rock too!)

We also went to the Oregon Coast aquarium in Newport.  I would plan on going mid morning to early afternoon if we did it again.  That way you are there for feeding time!  They had a terrific tidepool display!  The kids were able to have their fingers hugged by sea urchin’s and touch a soft star fish!


The boys LOVED the tunnel where the sharks and fish swam above


and below you!


I didn’t get a good picture but Hatfield Science Center also had a tide pool exhibit and TONS of interesting science information for the kids!  It is small but sure packs a lot in!

That wraps up our travels of late. With a little luck we will get back to regular summer fun!


Thanks for checking in!


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