What a view part 2

Sadly I had no guesses as to what fabulous place we were in to see this  amazing view:


Perhaps if I go down the road a bit and try a different view it might help:


Any guesses now?

If you thought Portland you are Correct!

We spent the first week of our vacation in Portland.  Here are a few highlights we would recommend if you are in the area.

1.)  Portland Zoo – Be prepared to hike!  It is literally a zoo built on the mountain side.  Naturally you will see the usual animals you would expect in a zoo.  Woody is VERY into wild cats currently and they did not disappoint.  We saw a mongoose attempting to take out a Caracal and the Caracal hunting the mongoose (the mongoose was safely in a tube that went through the caracal area).


The highlight of the zoo however would have to be the Lorikeets.  For $1 they would give you a little cup of nectar to feed the Lorikeets I appreciated that they were even willing to split that cup up so each of the kids could have their own.

Simply hold out your cup and be prepared!


2.)  We loved the Tram at OHSU and a tour of the Dental School where Uncle Jared showed us around.  (How does a room filled with 75 dental chairs sound?) 🙂


3.)  I loved the International Rose Test gardens.  Truthfully the kids were done seeing flowers in about 5 minutes but they did have a great time dancing on the amphitheater stage!


4.)  OMSI was terrific.  The kids LOVED the physical science lab and the submarine!


5.)  Would any trip be complete without Voodoo doughnuts?  In good conscience I can’t recommend this as a family friendly spot the pan handlers out front make for a very cultural experience.  Pinkalicious would say the doughnuts were way worth it though!


6. ) While downtown go over a few blocks to Powell’s bookstore.  It is AMAZING!  Be sure to check out the sale racks for some terrific prices!

7.)  If you are traveling with little kids I would HIGHLY recommend a day trip out to Salem to the AC Gilbert Discovery Village.

Photo Source: wikimedia

We spent a day there and it was FANTASTIC!  They have an amazing outdoor play area comprised of a train, musical area, life-size cell, giant boat, giant web and a giant clubhouse full of twists and turns and several slides. (plus so much more!)


In addition to this they have 4 houses many with multiple levels full of fun hands on activities.


They are part of the ASTC pass to if you have one for your area you can get in for free.  This was seriously one of our funnest days.  They also have an exhibit currently putting your movement to music and displaying it on a screen.  My kids went crazy over this!


All in all we LOVED our time in Portland.  It was sunny and beautiful the entire time and there were so many fun things to do!

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