Number Swat

Even though it’s summer we don’t want all those great things we spent the year learning to vanish.  Say hello to Number Swat!


This is a great outdoor – get moving review activity. (Truthfully it works great indoors it was a favorite with my students when I taught school!) I was focusing on the numbers 10-20 and then counting by 10’s.  Really though you could do this with anything.

First step:  Create your number templates.  I did dotted lines so Woody could practice tracing and saying his numbers.  We even pulled out the markers which made it even more fun!


Next as Woody told me the numbers he was able to go tape them all over the garage door.


Then we armed our players with fly swatters.  (I would advise a few ground rules like no swatting each other!)


To play the caller calls a number and the players run to swat it first!


In the end we mixed it up and Woody got to be the caller and I got to swat the number.  He loved being the “parent” and I loved that he got to work on seeing and saying his numbers!  A win win!

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