Friday Favorites

Hello Friday!!  It’s our favorite day of the week!

Today I am sharing one of our recent favorites.  At the start of the year I knew I wanted to do something that allowed for more family fun on a regular basis.  For us we decided on Friday night pizza and either games or a movie.  On movie night we get the special treat of taking our pizza downstairs to eat!  On game night we enjoy our pizza and then pull out the games.

One game we keep coming back to is Swipe.  It is small, doesn’t take up a lot of space on your game shelf and simple enough even our youngest player can get into the action and have fun.

To play the game you simply roll the dice in your hands.  Depending what you roll you either get a token, an extra dice, lose a dice or get to “swipe” a token and or die from the other players.  (You quickly learn who your friends are in this game!  If I play it is a guaranteed that my youngest will pick to swipe from mom  for EVERYTHING!)

The game is over when the last token is drawn.  (Another huge plus for this game it really doesn’t take too long to play)


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